Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Teddy Runway?

Teddy Runway is cuddly stuffed HANDMADE bear, who loves hugs and kisses. He also loves fashion. He loves fashion designers, creative people and the artists. He loves all great people and knows all amazing stories about history of fashion and fashion houses, he knows trends because he is present at all fashion weeks all seasons, he knows personally top models and all biggest designers, .

Where Teddy Runway works?

Teddy Runway works at RUNWAY MAGAZINE – worldwide known ultimate luxury magazine featured in many movies. He is VIP guest at all big events and fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan. He likes to go to backstage to meet fashion designers, models, make up artists, hair dressers, stylists and all great people who make magic possible. Teddy Runway loves to discover creative work, art, know-how, and he loves to tell stories about it.

What is Runway Magazine?

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is ultimate luxury magazine, known worldwide, published annually by Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is originally an American magazine, started as newspaper in 1995, from 2010 became an ultimate luxury magazine, 300 pages luxury editions produced and published in USA and France.

 What this web-site is about?

This web-site is a special part of our official RUNWAY MAGAZINE web-site dedicated to Teddy Runway and all related products : special outfits, designer clothes for Teddy Runway, and Runway Personalized Fashion Books written about fashion and created on demand. On this web-sites you can also find ADVENTURES of Teddy Runway.

Where our products are made?

All our products made in Europe. Teddy Runway made in England, his outfits and designer clothes made in France and Italy. Runway Fashion Books made and printed in France.

What is unique about our products?

All our products are handmade.  There’s always difference for the past 100 years between industrial and handmade products. Industrial products are cheaper but lacking this unique touch and warmth. Industrial products are cheap because they made in mass, they become used and end up in garbage as fast as they made. They lacking not only quality, they lacking unique craftsmanship, design. Unique and handmade products are always more expensive but we know for what we all pay – LOVE they made of.

Our magazine supports craftsmanship, know-how and creative work. Teddy Runway handmade in England, his outfits made in French atelier, his designer clothes by the hands of great designers like Karl Lagerfeld himself. Our Runway Fashion Books made by our Editors and Art-Designers, photos taken by our photographers – it is a great work. The same work we do for years, and became known by our quality and great style, we represent the most beautiful thing in the world – CREATIVITY.

 How to order? About your order

To order one of our Teddy Runway products please follow Get Teddy Runway and Runway Fashion Books links.  After payment please send us email on with your order number and do special request if necessary. It might concerns an outfit or book.  Please read carefully all requirements about what we need to personalize purchased item.

If you ordered Teddy Runway – there’s nothing else you need to do. It takes 3 days to make him for you and ship. Shipping usually takes 5-10 days.

If you ordered Teddy Runway outfit it’ll come in different shipping. It takes 3 days for us to make a special order from fashion brand. Shipping takes 5-10 days.

If you ordered Teddy Runway Designer Clothes it might take about 5 days for us to shop best and latest collection from big house.  Please contact us with your order number and tell us what brand you’d like us to choose. We’ll come to you with several propositions before shipping outfit to you.  Shipping takes 5-10 days.

If you ordered Runway Personalized Fashion Book this order might take 10 days to design it for you – each and every book is unique. Please don’t forget to read carefully  requirements of order on this page : Runway Personalized Fashion Books, and provide us information with theme of the book, short information about you, and photos in high resolution. Photos in high resolution please send via on, please mention in the note your name and your order number.  Shipping takes 5-10 days.


We usually ship your orders between 3-10 days depends on what product you ordered. The longest order to proceed is Runway Personalized Fashion Book. Shipping usually takes 5-10 days. We ship to all countries. No shipping fee. We ship from Europe by International Post.  All shipping is traceable. We always provide on your Paypal transaction shipping number.

Return policy

Usually we don’t have returns, as all our products are highest quality, and they can’t be lost or damaged during the shipping. If there’s this unique case, you can always contact us with the photos if product is damaged within 3 days after you receive your order.  We can always solve it out.


All payments are secured by PayPal. Please don’t underestimate this payment system – is the most secured online payment system in the world. They also have buyers / sellers protection program. That is why our choice for the payment is PayPal.

You don’t need to have a PayPal account to provide your payment. You can simply add your credit card number in the payment page. PayPal accepts most of the credit card worldwide.