All our products are handmade.  There’s always difference for the past 100 years between industrial and handmade products. Industrial products are cheaper but lacking this unique touch and warmth. Industrial products are cheap because they made in mass, they become used and end up in garbage as fast as they made. They lacking not only quality, they lacking unique craftsmanship, design. Unique and handmade products are always more expensive but we know for what we all pay – LOVE they made of.

Our magazine supports craftsmanship, know-how and creative work. Our Runway Fashion Books made by our Editors and Art-Designers, photos taken by our photographers – it is a great work. The same work we do for years, and became known by our quality and great style, we represent the most beautiful thing in the world – CREATIVITY.

Runway Fashion Book by Teddy Runway is one of a kind unique product, created by designers team of Runway Magazine, and personalized for each and every order. Layouts for the books are layouts of our magazines. We have all layouts in our archives since 1995. This is the ONLY book made especially for you or your loved one.

Runway Magazine personalized Photo-Books look like this.
Example: My personalized Photo-Books look like this.

Product Details :

  • Hardcover
  • Format : Large Landscape
  • Size 28×21 cm or 11″/8″
  • Pages 24
  • Glossy paper finish

Personalization :

  • Name on cover and throughout book
  • Personally addressed messages or references on every page
  • 10 photos (maximum) appears on cover and inside

Themes :

  • Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, Milan  (we accept propositions, please confirm before order).
Example: Book for Samantha and Fashion Week in Milan.
  • History of fashion houses : Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent   (we accept propositions, please confirm before order).
Example: Book for Clara and Chanel Fashion House.
  • Fashion designers stories : Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger (we accept propositions, please confirm before order).
Example: Book for Natalie and Christian Dior history and history of the Fashion house.
  • Story about a top models : Victoria’s Secret models  (we accept propositions, please confirm before order).
Example: Book for Cathy at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
  • History of fashion, evolution, and fashion terms :  history of fashion show, history of skirt,  fashion history in XXth century (we accept propositions, please confirm before order).
Example: Book for Stacey and history of fashion show.

Requirements for order:

  • Maximum 10 photos in high resolution, portraits and photos  in situation (except sitting position photos, and group photos). For best results send photos from photo-camera and not from phone camera. Quality of images we have in our archives is in very high quality, and the result will look very different with the photos from phone cameras.  If photos are not good quality we’ll send you an email and ask you to do send other photos. We’ll ask you only ones to resend your photos, and if second time you’ll send not high quality photos we reserve the rights not to integrate all photos in the book. Please send high resolution images via to infodegray@gmail with your name and order number.
  • Runway Photo Books made for 1 person. Photos of friends, family could be accepted trough special request, and order can be made after our conformation.
  • Carefully choose the theme of your book. We accept propositions or special requests. Please made your order AFTER our conformation.  All requests should be made on
  • After you order Runway Fashion Book please send us email with your name, your age (approximate number if you like), where you live (city, country), your profession (or student of which faculty), your interests, your likes and dislikes, some personal details you’d like us to include in the book,  personal history or history of your family – we’ll do our best to integrate everything you tell us in the book. Please send this information after your order to with your order number.
Example: My personalized Photo-Books look like this.
Example: My personalized Photo-Books look like this.

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